Top Yoga Accessories

Props are not always necessary for yoga.  But, when using properly they can help protect against injury and safely explore modifications to lessen or deepen your practice.
Yoga Mat. Why use one? Creates a layer between you and the floor, and often creates a better grip and prevents slipping or sliding. You could also use a rug, towel, or tapestry.
Yoga Towel. Why use it? If you’re practicing a fast paced style of yoga, or getting sweaty, it will absorb body oils and sweat, keeping your mat protected Blocks. Why use them? Provide additional support for safely coming and out of postures.
Blocks can help with modifications as you strengthen and stretch the body. They can also help you as you develop alignment.

Ways to use them:

  • stabilize lower back
  • develop strength in arm balances as you lift upwards
  • open chest
  • use between thighs & knees or hands
Strap. Why use one? Also helps to modify asanas and align the body. I like to think of my strap as an extension of my arm or leg.
Yoga Bolster. Why have one? Great for meditation or restorative postures. Bolsters support the body softly and can assist in opening hips, neck, legs, chest.
For example, you can use under the knees to soften low back pain. If you do not have a bolster you can use a rolled up blanket, or pillow.
Feet Up. What’s that you say? Practice your inversions and core strengthening techniques in a safe and controlled atmosphere
Yoga Wheel. Why use one? The wheel helps with backbends, handstands and becoming more comfortable in your inversions.