Enjoy Yoga Anywhere

It’s amazing to be able to get the studio like experience from the comfort of your own home. You can access my video library, live classes, and request private sessions with me HERE (click through Yoga w/ Ashley) Namastream)

Many times we find ourselves out of comfort zone and not in our typical environment, but being able to create space to connect with your inner self is most important no matter where you are. If you’re traveling or on holiday creating a relaxing routine can help release stress and tension. Tune into your body and listen to it; let it speak to you and nurture it with your practice. As you continue to make space for yourself continuously you’ll notice that you’re consciousness is expanding and the alignment of your body + mind come into ease.

– Set intentions
– Take time to tune inward (even if it’s 5 min!)
– If you’re traveling in nature, go outside
– Gratitude list
– Journal
– Listen to podcast
– Find a quiet place to sit + rest

It has been a joy and honor to be able to continue to practice and connect with students across the globe through the internet.