Starting The Day Off Right

For me the most important part of the day is the morning time. Waking up early and having a good mindset is everything- instead of being reactionary, you become productive and proactive. The most productive time for most of us is the first 2-3 hours in the morning. For example, I usually wake up at 7am but find myself most productive between 8am-10am. To stay on track and focused, I like to write a 2-3 item to do list (not personal tasks like laundry and paying bills) but action items that are goal + career centered that will make the most of my time. Often times this is hard for me, its easy to get up and plug-in right away but I encourage you to find a healthy morning routine, connecting to yourself, in a way that works for you- it will enhance both your personal and professional success!

10 Morning Habits to get your day starting off right:
Wake up early