Meet Ashley

Hi! My name is Ashley and I love sharing my passion for yoga and life with others. When I first started practicing yoga I had many challenges with my mind, body, and I even felt like I didn’t breathe the same way the class did or was instructed to.

On the inside I was timid, shy, insecure, and even held back when the teacher said “make a loud exhale” (I didn’t want anyone to hear me, to judge me)- basically, I felt like a fish out of water! I thought this could not be for me, I am too inflexible, too heavy, too busy, too in my head and if I’m going to “work out” I’ll go for a run or cardio at the gym.  But after 2 weeks of attending classes, I found more peace, more calmness, more strength, I was no longer “angry” when stuck in bumper- to bumper traffic, I had more understanding and patience with those around me and most importantly myself.

I found that every time I created the body mind breathe connection I would travel deeper inside myself, healing old wounds, and seeing life more clearly and optimistically. It became a physical work out and a mental, spiritual, & emotional work-in. Soon, I began to drop the expectations that others and society had placed on me, I cared less and less of how others saw me, and aligned with my head heart and gut. I quit my corporate big money making job and pursued my passion for yoga. It is so fulfilling and meaningful to hear my students share how much my classes have healed, inspired, and transformed their lives in ways they never imagined.  SO if you’re ready take the first step, please click here and send me a message so we can book your first free session.